Legal Basis

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This year, the second edition of the Basque Crossfit Txapelketa will be held in Bilbao and its venue will be none other than the BILBAO ARENA (Askatasuna Etorbidea, 13, 48003, Bilbao).

Basque Crossfit Txapelketa, will take place on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2023.

This competition will be divided into two parts: The first part will be the online qualification phase which, once passed, will allow the qualified player to access the second part. Or what is the same, the live event that will take place both in the Bilbao Arena and in some other location yet to be defined.

  • The competition foresees that athletes who have qualified according to the number indicated in point 4 can enter the presential phase.

    Athletes will receive an email informing them of their admission to the on-site phase. They will then have the deadline indicated by the competition organisers to confirm or not their presence. In the absence of confirmation, the next classified athlete will automatically have the possibility to participate in the competition.

    Confirmation of participation in the event must be accompanied by payment of the admission fee for the on-site phase.

    Along with the confirmation email, the athlete will also receive further information.

    The event's social media pages and website will then provide further news and information on updates, briefings, calendar, check-in, orientation, etc.

    The organisers reserve the right to change the venue or the training of the on-site phase depending on the needs of the wods (e.g. bad weather).


    • To be admitted to the Basque Crossfit Txapelketa the athlete must:

      • Have reached the age of majority on the date of participation in the competition or be authorised by their legal guardians by submitting an authorisation form signed by at least one legal guardian.
      • Accept the regulation together with the rules on disclaimers and the processing of personal data.
      • Use the WODBUSTER ARENA registration platform in the terms indicated therein and pay the registration fee, after confirmation of qualification, which includes admission to the competition plus the competition kit.
      • The online ranking shall be considered provisional until all athletes invited to the finals have confirmed their participation. In the event that one or more invited athletes withdraw their place in the finals, new invitations will be sent based on the results of the ranking. Therefore, some initially excluded athletes may be invited at a later stage.

      Once the entry fee has been paid, both for the qualifications and for access to the final, it will not be possible to receive a refund.

    • Participation in the competition will take place in the following divisions and the number of qualified athletes will be as follows:

      • Elite Men 35 athletes qualified.
      • Elite Women 35 athletes qualified.
      • RX Men 40 athletes qualified.
      • Women's RX 40 athletes qualified.
      • Men's Climbing 40 athletes qualified.
      • Women's Climbing 40 athletes qualified.
      • Master +35 Male 35 athletes classified.
      • Master +35 Female 35 athletes qualified.
      • Master +40 Male 40 athletes qualified.
      • Master +40 Female 40 athletes qualified.
      • Elite Team 15 qualified teams.
      • Team RX 40 qualified teams.
      • Intermediate Team 36 teams qualified.
      • Team Scaled 36 teams qualified.

      As for the teams, only in the Elite category, the teams must be formed by two women and two men. The rest of the teams may be formed in the same way (2+2), and will also have the option of being made up of 1 girl and 3 boys. 

      IMPORTANT: The minimum number of athletes for a category to start is 10 athletes.

    • The competition gives access to the on-site phase to athletes who have passed the qualification phase. This part consists of two WODs that the athlete is called upon to perform.

      The reference standard for the individual exercises is the one available in the training sheets published together with the wod and videos.

      IMPORTANT: Once you have uploaded the video to youtube, the link must be included on the Wodbuster Arena website, in the athlete or team profile.

    • Wod 1 will be published on 15 May at 00:00. The deadline is 15 June at 23:59 hours.

      Wod 2 will be published on 20 June at 00:00. The deadline is 15 July at 23:59 hours.

      The deadline to enter the competition is 25 June at 23:59.

      Videos can only be uploaded to youtube, videos sent to the facebook page or other social or computer system of the competition will not be considered.

      • 30 € Online until 3 January
      • 40 Online until 1 May
      • 50 Online until 15 June
      • 20€ Online until 3 January
      • 30 Online until 1 May
      • 40€ Online until 15 June
      • 120 € Online until 3 January
      • 160 Online until 1 May
      • 200 Online until 15 June
      • 80 € Online until 3 January
      • 120 Online until 1 May
      • 160 Online until 15 June
      *Athletes who qualify for the on-site final must pay the following amount:
      • Elite Athletes 80 € 80
      • RX, Master and Climbing athletes 60 €.
      • Elite teams 320 € 320
      • RX, Intermediate and scaling equipment € 240
    • The organisation reserves the unquestionable and inalienable right to accept or reject the registration of an athlete. The organisation also reserves the exclusive right to validate or invalidate the scores of an athlete.
    • The organisers reserve the right, with complete autonomy and absolute discretion, to invite any athlete whose presence may add prestige and sporting value to the competition.
    • In order to participate in the event, the athlete confirms through his/her registration that he/she fully and completely agrees with the rules and guidelines set out in these Regulations.
    • The trainings (in the data sheet attached to the videos) include:

      • Movements required
      • Performance points for each movement (the athlete must know the performance points for each movement called "lower and upper position").
      • Number of repetitions required.
      • The equipment used should be standard:

      - Bar, discs and any other item in kg (if weights in pounds are used, the accepted tolerance in conversion is 0,5 kg over or under).

      • Time available.
      • Scoring method.
      • Variations of movement.
      • Guidelines for video recording.

      Modification of the qualification training is strictly prohibited and constitutes invalidation of the entire video test.

      It is absolutely forbidden to change the standard of movement or to modify the range of motion of an exercise. Therefore, any movement that is considered unusual, out of the ordinary or that is used to shorten or modify the prescribed movement will be penalised. The organisers reserve the right to request any documentary evidence to be provided by the athlete.

It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to ensure that the score is entered within the time defined by the training deadline. Any incomplete entries cannot be considered. The organisation reserves the right to modify the deadline.

The training results will be corrected according to the method presented in the Judge Course 2023:

  • Good video: the video is penalty-free.
  • Valid with Penalty: these will be counted in the score by subtracting the non-reps from the result. If the score is determined by the execution time, the execution time will be increased by the value of the no rep given.
  • Invalid: the athlete has not performed the training as prescribed, has added an unacceptable number of non-reps, or the video cannot be evaluated due to framing.

The decision of the arbitration body is final.

The date, venue and logistical information will be communicated through the event's social media pages and website. Athletes are obliged to check-in in accordance with the communications that will be provided through these channels in the manner and time indicated, providing the documentation that will be requested.

Elite athletes are considered to be athletes who have been practising the discipline of functional training for several years and have a level of fitness that allows them to master the discipline of weightlifting and all gymnastic movements.

ELITE category it is necessary to be able to perform:

  • All gymnastic movements.
  • Being able to drive in wods:

- Snatch 80kg / 55kg

- Cleans & Jerk 100kg / 70kg

Categories RX and Master +35 is necessary to be able to perform:

  • All gymnastic movements (in the case of teams, not all members)
  • Being able to drive in wods:

- Snatch 70kg/50kg

- Cleans & Jerk 90kg / 65kg

Category Intermediate and Master +40 it is necessary to be able to perform:

  • All gymnastic movements except Ring Muscle Ups and Hand Stand Walk (in the case of teams, not all members).
  • Being able to drive in wods:

- Snatch 60kg/40kg

- Cleans & Jerk 80kg / 55kg

Category Scaling is required to be able to perform:

  • All gymnastic movements except Muscle Ups, Hand Stand Walk and any strict gymnastic movement (in the case of teams, not all members).
  • Being able to drive in wods:

- Snatch 45kg/30kg

- Cleans & Jerk 65kg / 45kg

- In case of finishing within the time cap:

  • From 1 to 4 "no reps" a penalty will be applied.
    of 5 seconds for each non-rep.

- If more than 5 non-reps are performed, a major penalty will be given. 15% + of the time entered by the athlete.

In case of not finishing within the time cap: the score being determined by repetitions, 1 to 4 non-reps are subtracted from the result achieved.

  • If more than 5 non-reps are performed, 15%- of the repetitions will be penalised.
  • Whoever accumulates 50% of no reps during the wod shall be considered a void wod - Whoever accumulates 50% of no reps during the wod shall be considered a void wod.

Gymnastic movements with your back to the camera:

No reps

Failure to respect the recording sketch:

Wod nil

Do not submit weights or measures:

Wod nil

Exit the recording plane for more than 3 seconds:

Wod nil

Teasing or disrespecting the organisation or the judging team:

Wod nil

In the event that an athlete requires or needs medical assistance during training, he/she must obtain clearance from the medical team to continue the competition. It is at the discretion of the doctor or the organisation to withdraw an injured athlete from the competition.

The Final Phase of the Basque Crossfit Txapelketa will consist of 3 days where the athletes will have to face each other in different workouts, until the final, where there will be a cut of participants that will give access to the WOD of the final.

The number of WODs may vary according to the needs of the competition and will be communicated prior to the on-site phase.

The organisers reserve the right to determine the categories and positions for which prize money will be awarded.

In case of a tie, the Games Rules shall apply (considering the best position achieved by the athlete with respect to the best result in each individual event). If these rules do not determine the winner, the youngest athlete will be awarded the victory and, in case of equal age, the athlete who entered the competition first (date and time of registration) will be the winner.

During all phases of the competition the performances of the athletes are verified by one or more judges appointed by the organisation. The judges evaluate the participants on the basis of the prescribed tests in accordance with the criteria and movement standards indicated before the start of the event.

Each competitor must sign the scorecard to validate the score assigned by the judge; in case of dispute, the competitor must immediately appeal to the competition director (chief judge).

A signed scorecard cannot be challenged, and the score assigned by the judge is final and not subject to appeal. In no case are variations allowed after the closing of the leaderboard.

The competition director or chief judge is the person responsible for the management of the event and is the point of reference for all matters relating to the events.

The participant undertakes to behave in a fair and sporting manner: manipulations and attempts to cheat, disruptive or obstructive behaviour, violent discussions and offensive comments, or any other behaviour aimed at offending, abusing or damaging the image of Basque Crossfit Txapelketa or the organisation and the volunteers involved in it will be sanctioned by the competition director with the exclusion from the competition of the author of the sanctioned behaviour. Basque Crossfit Txapelketa reserves the right to act in the competent legal offices for the recovery of any damage.

Any unsportsmanlike conduct and any possible attitude aimed at harming the organisation, participants, sponsors, spectators and others present or at preventing other competitors from participating in the competition in a fair and correct manner are also punishable by penalties in the classification. The decisions of the organisation or the director are final and not subject to appeal.

IMPORTANT: All participants of the Basque Crossfit Txapelketa must know that, according to the current legislation (art. 1 of the Law 12/2021 of June 21st, against doping in the Basque Country), they can be subjected to doping controls during the competition.

Only the athlete, judges, volunteers and the organisers have access to the competition area. The warm-up area, in accordance with the published rules of access, can also be accessed by coaches at the prescribed times and in the prescribed manner.

In relation to the processing of personal data: the "European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as on the free movement of such data" provides for the protection of individuals and other subjects in relation to the processing of personal data. As the "Owner" of the processing, in accordance with Article 13 of the GDPR, therefore, the Event organiser provides the following information:

Purpose of processing

The personal data provided will be processed for purposes strictly related and instrumental to the activities as indicated in the extensive statement regarding the use of the image. These data will be disseminated in any form of your images or videos taken on the website, youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, in print and / or in any other means of dissemination.

Data processing methods

The personal data provided, including the portrait contained in the photos/videos, will be processed in compliance with the legislation in force and the principles of correctness, legality, transparency and confidentiality. Such data will be processed both on computer and on paper and on any other suitable medium, in compliance with the security measures provided for in the GDPR.

Compulsory consent

The provision of data is optional. Lack of consent will not allow the use of the images and/or audiovisual recordings of the data subject for the purposes indicated above. In the event that they are used in error, the interested party may inform the organisation, which will remove them.

Communication and dissemination of data

Within the limits relevant to the processing purposes indicated, personal data (images and audiovisual footage) may be communicated, published and/or disseminated in any form on the event website, on social networks and in any other media (local newspapers or periodicals). The person concerned also authorises the event organisers to communicate this data to partners and sponsors present at the event.

Conservation period

The data collected (photos, videos, etc.) will be stored in the computer files of the organising company and the purpose of these publications is purely informative/promotional.

By registering in Basque Crossfit Txapelketa the participant accepts the application of these regulations and in particular declares the following as a participant in Basque Crossfit Txapelketa 2023 organised in the Bilbao Arena, as well as in one or another venue yet to be defined.


BasqueQ Events has carried out the sporting event called Basque Crossfit Txapelketa mentioned above. That during the event photos and videos will be taken for the promotion of the event. That for the promotion of the Event and the Products, Basque Crossfit Txapelketa intends to use the image of the undersigned in the photographic representations, audio and video content or other forms of reproduction, which will be made (collectively defined as the Image"), through:

Website and social media accounts; facebook, twitter and instagram page and any other owned or referenced social network; - on any other advertising material in paper or electronic format,


To Basque Crossfit Txapelketa, to use -limited to the promotional-advertising activity of the Event- my Image, as it was portrayed during the Event itself, in whole or in part, individually or together with other material, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs or images, free of charge and without any limitation in time, territory or related to the form of use, frequency of use or chosen means of diffusion.